Pink Soundbreak Insulation Batts

Pink Soundbreak Insulation Batts

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Pink® Soundbreak™ Insulation has all the thermal insulating properties of Pink® Batts plus amazing acoustic insulation properties. When you choose Pink® Soundbreak™ for your next home build or renovation, your new home will be energy and thermal efficient and extra quiet too.

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Ah, that’s better… The peace & comfort of Pink® Soundbreak™.

Pink® Soundbreak™ from Fletcher Insulation has all the thermal insulating properties of Pink® Batts plus amazing acoustic insulation properties. When you choose Pink® Soundbreak™ for your next home build or renovation, your new home will be energy and thermal efficient and extra quiet too.

A quieter home is a happier home. The more you can dampen noise between rooms, the more inviting your home becomes.

Revolutionary Pink® Soundbreak™ acoustic insulation is designed to help screen out the noise from external sources like busy roads and turn down the volume internally between rooms and between upper and lower storeys, to create a beautifully welcoming ambience that is stress free for any home.

Manufactured by Fletcher Insulation

With a history dating back over half a century, Fletcher Insulation is your trusted partner for insulation. Fletcher Insulation provides energy efficient and acoustic solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Fletcher Insulation manufactures and distributes a leading range of insulation brands Australians love and trust. Pink® Batts and Sisalation® are undoubtedly two of the most common brands that come to mind when you think insulation. That is because our Pink® Batts and Sisalation® products along with our other leading brands including Pink® Soundbreak™, continuously deliver exceptional value to Australians.

Whether you are building or renovating, Fletcher Insulation products offer you the perfect opportunity to add value to your home while ensuring that your family has the very best, most comfortable living environment.

Modern life produces loads of extra noise.

There is a whole load of reasons why noise, in all its forms, continues to grow around our homes today.

External noise can be generated by so many factors: passing road traffic, overhead air traffic, noisy neighbours, car alarms going off, burglar alarms, pool pumps, the list goes on…

Interior noise can come from washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, blenders, toilets, home theatre systems and so much more.

This high level of noise - inside and out - has all sorts of unwelcome implications for family life which can include poor sleep, homework being missed, unnecessary stress and general home discomfort.

Pink®Soundbreak™ : Turning down all the noise.

Pink® Soundbreak™ has been purpose designed to significantly reduce intrusive noise transfer… cutting down noise transfer between rooms and between floors, and from noise entering the home, creating a quieter more peaceful home environment. A place where family life can thrive, undisturbed. This is what makes installing Pink® Soundbreak™ when you build or renovate such a good investment.

Invest in your new home or renovation.

The decision to include Pink® Soundbreak™ in interior walls during construction phase, really pays off, whether you’re building a new home or renovating.

You can look forward to a noticeable reduction in all types of household noise, along with thermal benefits of being cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus, with quality insulation throughout your home, not only are you maximising your overall build quality, you also have the potential of a higher resale value too.

Who needs the sounds of loud noises, when you can have the peace, quiet and thermal comfort only Pink® Soundbreak™ provides?

So how does Pink®Soundbreak™ work?

Installed in the timber stud cavity in a partition wall, Pink® Soundbreak™ provides a dense layer of insulation which absorbs and directs the noise that travels from one room to another. It won’t sound proof a room but it will significantly reduce the impact of loud noises. In a standard partition wall, it can reduce noise levels by up to 10 decibels compared to a noninsulated partition wall. That means no more toilets flushing in the night or other extraneous noise, disturbing the rest of the family. It’s better year round comfort for you and your family.

Pink® Soundbreak™ also contains first class thermal properties that work to keep warm air inside your home during winter plus keep it cool during our long Australian summers.

Stop exterior noise disturbing your home life.

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you unwind at the end of long hard days.

By including Pink® Soundbreak™ in your external walls… all that noise from next door’s pool pump, passing traffic or planes flying overhead, can largely be a thing of the past.

Install Pink® Soundbreak™ between floors.

At construction stage, it is wise not to make the mistake of overlooking insulating between the floors of your home.

Noise can transfer from upstairs to downstairs at an alarming rate: no one wants to hear a family member moving around upstairs.

However, by including Pink® Soundbreak™ in the internal ground floor ceiling, airborne noise will be largely absorbed, greatly reducing the transmission of structural noise within your home.

And as a great added bonus, your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in summer due to the renowned thermal qualities of Pink® Soundbreak™.

The Pink®Soundbreak™ Homeowner Lifetime Warranty.

It’s priceless peace of mind knowing you’re living with Australia’s favourite insulation material backed by the reassurance of the Pink® Soundbreak™ Lifetime Warranty.

Now, provided your Pink® Soundbreak™ wall and ceiling products are installed correctly, you will enjoy high quality insulation for the lifetime of your home. Guaranteed

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