Pink Batts® Glasswool Ceiling Insulation

Pink Batts® Glasswool Ceiling Insulation

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Pink® Ceiling Batts available in R2.5, R3.5, R4.0, R5.0, R6.0. Nothing beats living with Pink® Batts!

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How many decisions do you make in life that repay you every single day in kind? Yet that’s exactly what deciding on Pink® Batts as the insulation material for your new or renovated home will do. Repay you in ‘easy living’ lifestyle terms. Repay you in energy efficiency bill savings. Repay you in happier, healthier family times.

It’s that good a decision … but to make the most of all these wonderful benefits you simply must make the decision to install Pink® Batts now, during the construction & planning stage.

Don’t miss your best chance to install Australia’s favourite insulation for over 60 years, while you can.

Decide to install Pink® Batts now, at pre-build stage, and every day the temperature rises, plummets or the postie delivers another energy bill, you’ll be thankful you did.

Pink Batt MarketingPink® Batts. An investment in comfort that helps pay for itself.

With energy bills rising, investing in the comfort and cost savings of Pink® Batts, whether you’re building or renovating, simply makes good financial sense. Without insulation, heat losses and gains can be quite extreme.

Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. A well-insulated and well-designed home provides year-round comfort, cutting cooling and heating bills by up to half*.

Manufactured by Fletcher Insulation

With a history dating back over half a century, Fletcher Insulation is your trusted partner for insulation. Fletcher Insulation provides energy efficient and acoustic solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Fletcher Insulation manufactures and distributes a leading range of insulation brands Australians love and trust. Pink® Batts and Sisalation® are undoubtedly two of the most common brands that come to mind when you think insulation. That is because our Pink® Batts and Sisalation®products along with our other leading brands including Pink® Soundbreak™, continuously deliver exceptional value to Australians.

Whether you are building or renovating, Fletcher Insulation products offer you the perfect opportunity to add value to your home while ensuring that your family has the very best, most comfortable living environment.

safe-family.PNGLiving with Pink® Batts saves you stress & energy

Anyone who has ever lived with a toddler will vouch for how much personal comfort can affect mood. And it’s not just the littlies either … it’s a physical and physiological fact that steep rises and falls in temperature can affect the way all humans think, feel and respond.

So, like to moderate the ambience and mood around your home over the years ahead? Then simply insist your builder insulates throughout with Pink® Batts, Australia’s favourite home insulation for over 60 years.

After all, with Pink® Batts capable of reducing summer heat in your home by VQUP12˚C* (plus helping keep you cosy and warm during winter), you’re sure to feel the benefits in more ways than one.

Living well with Pink® Batts.

Fortunately, even if your budget is tight, installing Fletcher Insulation’s renowned Pink® Batts in your ceilings and external walls at construction stage will provide cost effective and council-compliant insulation… Keeping you and the family cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Guaranteed*.

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