About Insulation Superstore

Why You Should Deal With The Insulation Superstore

The Insulation Superstore is wholly owned subsidiary of Eureka Insulation. With Insulation requirements becoming more complex, Eureka Insulation made the decision to set up The Insulation Superstore, allowing our comprehensive range of insulation products to be made available online!

Eureka Insulation has a long history, servicing the insulation industry since 1982. We supply a comprehensive range of insulation products to the residential, commercial, industrial and manufacturing sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Our experienced team can provide a complete and tailored solution to your insulation needs. We are committed to quality and guarantee both our products and service.

  • We are an Australian family business.
  • We have been in the insulation industry for over 35 years.
  • We supply builders, roofers, metal fabricators, hardware stores and many commercial and industrial organisations
  • We can satisfy your needs for any type, brand, grade or shape of insulation you may require

We're Committed to Sustainability

Eureka Insulation takes our corporate responsibilities very seriously and we are committed to sustainable building practices. Eureka Insulation is passionate to be part of an industry which has the opportunity to provide energy efficient solutions in the reduction of costs for thermal heating and cooling to the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

  • We apply sustainable initiatives across all aspects of our business.
  • We are an energy efficient manufacturing site and have implemented schemes to limit our energy usage onsite.
  • We recycle many of our waste materials so our practices have little to no impact on the environment.
  • We have a variety of insulation solutions for the industrial, acoustic and thermal applications for the residential and commercial markets.

At Insulation Superstore your trust is important to us!

Trust is defined as to have confidence, faith or hope in someone or something.

When you deal with The InsulationSuperstore, we intend to build your trust in us through integrity, clear communication and actions!