List of products by brand Proclima

  • Contega IQ masonry

    $1,254.00 GST Inc.

    CONTEGA® PV is an interior connection strip designed to create airtight junctions between plastered or rendered surfaces and adjoining or penetrating structural elements. It is an essential product for transitions between masonry assemblies and common building elements.

    Suitable to connect interior masonry reveals to window and door joinery; penetrations by beams, columns and joists in masonry; and transitions from INTELLO® PLUS to masonry construction.

    The mesh can be embedded into render and the fleece may be plastered or rendered over for a complete durable air barrier system.

  • Contega IQ Timber (8 Rolls)

    $1,438.80 GST Inc.

    CONTEGA® IQ makes airtight connections around windows and doors to the interior air barrier. It is a highly flexible, humidity-variable adhesive strip. Multiple adhesive strips allow flexible installation options for masonry or timber frame construction.

    The tape has slack for expansion to allow for relative motion between components providing a durable seal.

    CONTEGA® IQ can be plastered or rendered over on the fleece side making excellent integration into surfaces that will be plastered.

  • Duplex VE5 Double Sided Tape (5 Rolls)

    $87.00 GST Inc.

    DUPLEX is an all-purpose double sided tape, ideal for permanent bonding of overlaps and end laps of weather resistive barrier (WRB) membranes. It is also suitable for temporary fixing of SOLITEX EXTASANA®, SOLITEX MENTO®, INTELLO® air barrier membranes and other WRB membranes to steel structures, prior to mechanical fastening.

    It is flexible, easy to cut, and has a simple to remove release paper, ensuring maximum productivity during installation. DUPLEX is re-enforced with a scrim allowing it to remain thin, avoiding thick layered material build ups while still providing easy application.

  • INTELLO® PLUS connection strip

    $110.00 GST Inc.

    INTELLO® PLUS is a market leading intelligent air barrier for all construction types, providing superior energy and moisture control.

    INTELLO® PLUS maximises the performance of your thermal insulation, whilst restricting internal moisture entering the building envelope.


    $669.90 per m2
    $669.90 GST Inc.

    Self-Adhesive Weather Resistive Barrier

    SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® provides the ultimate weather protection layer for your walls and roofs under all conditions.

    Fully adhered to rigid substrates, SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® provides ultimate protection to the building from wind, driving rain and other external sources of water, whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE layer.

    • Fully self-adhered membrane
    • Superior UV resistance (180 days exposure)
    • Isolates any leaks caused by penetrations or accidental damage
    • Outstanding long-term durability
    • Ideal solution for pre-fab systems

    $216.66 GST Inc.

    SOLITEX EXTASANA® wall underlay provides the best weather protection layer for your walls, under all conditions. It protects the building from wind, driving rain, and other external sources of water, whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE* layer.

    • 180-day UV resistance & long-term durability
    • Highly vapour permeable (Class 4)
    • Weathertight & airtight weather resistive barrier (WRB)
    • Next generation non-porous monolithic technology

    $398.48 GST Inc.

    SOLITEX MENTO® PLUS provides superior weather and condensation protection for your roof, under all weather conditions. With a medium duty classification (AS/NZS 4200.1), it is suitable to be used in tile, metal and slate roof applications*.

    SOLITEX MENTO® PLUS protects your roof and building envelope from the elements during construction, whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE† layer.

    • Excellent UV resistance
    • Highly vapour permeable (Class 4)
    • Long-term durability and strength
    • Weathertight & airtight weather resistive barrier (WRB)
    • Helps protect building from condensation
  • Tescon Extora Profil

    $80.05 GST Inc.

    TESCON PROFIL for a secure and permanent airtight seal of junctions between INTELLO membranes and windows or doors. 

    Release paper may be removed in either 3 or 2 individual strips; durable airtight sealing inside; can also be used for penetrations of the INTELLO®; diffusion open; for airtight sealing in accordance with DIN 4108, SIA 180 and OENORM B8110-2; thin and flexible; can be applied to cold surfaces


    From: $272.80 tax inclusive

    For use with wall underlays like SOLITEX EXTASANA and other weather-tightness layers.

    • One piece stretchable sill tape
    • No need for corner moulds
    • Can be applied to damp surfaces
    • Very high adhesion on cold surfaces
    • Highly UV stabilised and suitable for AUS climate conditions
    • Best performance saving cost and time

    $567.60 GST Inc.

    All-round adhesive tape for interior and exterior use