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  • Hardie Fire - Mineral Wool

    From: $84.00 tax inclusive

    James Hardiefire Insulation is a type of mineral wool fire protection insulation designed to be used in James HardieSmart Blade and Aged Care wall systems. This product also contributes to the thermal and acoustic performance of the building or wall system. James Hardie Insulation is available in 60mm (R1.7) and 85mm (R2.5) thickness and different widths to suit the job.


    $186.90 GST Inc.

    ROCKWOOL RockTech series has four remarkable features: strong temperature resistance, excellent hydrophobicity, great corrosion resistance and low thermal conductivity. 

    It provides a highest level of protection to boilers, furnaces, distillation towers, valves, pipes and other equipment in the petrochemical factories, power plants and other industrial production, preventing fire, noise, heat and energy loss and other harmful effects.

    ROCKWOOL RockTech series comply with GB11835,GB50264,DL/T5072,SH3010,ASTM C612 and JIS A9504


    $158.00 GST Inc.

    Using ROXUL SAFE™ 45 with our ROCKWOOL batt insulation creates a high-density “party” wall system that improves sound dampening and fire performance. It also reduces the time, labor and material costs usually associated with adding a double layer of gypsum over the wall studs.

    Available in 1200mm x 150mm