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  • Pink Batts® Thermal Glasswool Wall Insulation

    From: $32.92 tax inclusive

    With energy bills rising, investing in the comfort and cost savings of Pink® Batts, whether you’re building or renovating, simply makes good financial sense. Without insulation, heat losses and gains can be quite extreme. Insulation acts as a barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Knauf Earthwool® Sound Shield Wall...

    From: $50.98 tax inclusive

    The Earthwool® Internal (Acoustic) Wall batt range includes a selection of densities to provide builders, designers, installers and DIYers the opportunity to choose the best acoustic performance for their project.

    Earthwool® Internal (Acoustic) Wall batts will improve the acoustic performance of the building in which they have been installed by absorbing the transfer of unwanted sound from external sources and between adjoining rooms. Super-soft to handle and install, Earthwool® is made using up to 80% recycled glass and with ECOSE® Technology, a sustainable, bio-based binder that contains no added formaldehyde.


    $187.55 GST Inc.

    SOLITEX EXTASANA® wall underlay provides the best weather protection layer for your walls, under all conditions. It protects the building from wind, driving rain, and other external sources of water, whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE* layer.

    • 180-day UV resistance & long-term durability
    • Highly vapour permeable (Class 4)
    • Weathertight & airtight weather resistive barrier (WRB)
    • Next generation non-porous monolithic technology

    $669.90 per m2
    $669.90 GST Inc.

    Self-Adhesive Weather Resistive Barrier

    SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® provides the ultimate weather protection layer for your walls and roofs under all conditions.

    Fully adhered to rigid substrates, SOLITEX EXTASANA ADHERO® provides ultimate protection to the building from wind, driving rain and other external sources of water, whilst allowing any internal moisture to escape through the vapour permeable, non-porous TEEE layer.

    • Fully self-adhered membrane
    • Superior UV resistance (180 days exposure)
    • Isolates any leaks caused by penetrations or accidental damage
    • Outstanding long-term durability
    • Ideal solution for pre-fab systems
  • Hardie Fire - Mineral Wool

    From: $84.00 tax inclusive

    James Hardiefire Insulation is a type of mineral wool fire protection insulation designed to be used in James HardieSmart Blade and Aged Care wall systems. This product also contributes to the thermal and acoustic performance of the building or wall system. James Hardie Insulation is available in 60mm (R1.7) and 85mm (R2.5) thickness and different widths to suit the job.

  • Enviroseal ProctorWrap CW / CW-IT

    From: $303.40 tax inclusive

    Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap™ Commercial Wall (CW) is a light duty vapour permeable wall wrap designed for use with timber and steel frame commercial wall constructions. Enviroseal ProctorWrap Commercial Wall (CW-IT) is supplied with double integrated tape. 

  • Bradford Enviroseal ProctorWrap...

    From: $215.00 tax inclusive

    Enviroseal™ ProctorWrap roof sarking is an additional layer of protection installed under tiles to minimise weather-related water damage such as wind-driven rain entering the roof cavity. If rain enters the roof it can wet insulation, making it less effective, and cause ceiling staining in plasterboard.

    1500mm Width x 50m Roll Length

  • Kingspan Air-Cell Permicav XV

    $317.00 GST Inc.

    Kingspan AIR-CELL Permicav XV is the next generation of vapour-permeable insulation. This evolution, specifically designed to reduce the risk of condensation in walls with cavities, has improved vapour transmission by five times compared to old technology. The micro perforations allow water vapour to permeate through while keeping moisture out and maintaining thermal resistance.

    Kingspan AIR-CELL Permicav XV is manufactured with a patented perforated closed-cell core sandwiched by highly reflective foil facings.

  • Air-Cell Permiwall 55

    $317.00 GST Inc.

    Australian-made Kingspan AIR-CELL Permiwall® is an all-in-one insulation and vapour-permeable membrane designed specifically for concrete walls to reduce the risk of condensation. Manufactured with a patented closed-cell structure sandwiched by highly reflective foil facings and pierced with tiny, evenly-spaced perforations, Kingspan AIR-CELL Permiwall® allows water vapour permeability while helping to achieve a 6-star house energy rating. (Patent No.2012100976)

  • AIR-CELL Permishield XV 70

    $318.20 GST Inc.

    Kingspan AIR-CELL Permishield XV 70 is a revolutionary vapour-permeable barrier and insulation wrapped up in a single product. Kingspan AIR-CELL Permishield XV 70 is designed specifically for steel-framed wall applications for use behind lightweight cladding materials that require vapour permeance.